Pravin Patade

Pravin’s unassuming personality greatly complements his dry sense of humor. He loves the road and lives for spaces between spaces. His calm and laid-back demeanor is a trademark characteristic and his photography effortlessly communicates those attributes.

Effectively experimenting with reflections is his signature style, and he stirs up some magnificent visuals deploying this trait.

When he ended his stint with Infosys a few years ago, he already knew that photography is his true calling, his profession and the thing that will undoubtedly be the driving force all his life.

Chinmoy Mukerji

Life may be short. I am not!

Chinmoy is tall enough to be taken seriously and serious enough to stand tall. A Bengali from Uttar Pradesh, he cannot image his life without desserts. What’s ironical is, he‘s an annoyingly slow eater and takes forever to get done with it.

He can be the suave IT globe-trotter and the rustic “UP ka bhaiyya” at the same time!

Street style & portrait photography excite and inspire him. Chinmoy brings an artistic eye for detail. With his flair for languages and eye for detail, you’ll enjoy the conversation and love the photographs!

Glax Graces

They say, the single most important component of a camera stands 6″ behind it. This component stands a shade under 6‘ 2″. And no! He’s never played basketball in his life.

A former game designer and tech guru, Glax loves to play with light. The reason he read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is he wanted to perfect his skills at white balance.

Born a Christian, he is a fearless Punjabi at heart.

Glax has taken the Scarlet brand beyond the Indian shores and now lives and shoots in sadda Canedda!! He’s always up for shoots in India, but Canada is the new “pind”!


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Somethings you should know

How much do we charge?

Your wedding is the most important day of your life together. Every wedding is unique and it is important for us not only to document how the wedding went but to capture those precious moments which will become timeless memories.

Our wedding photography packages start from ₹30,000 onwards.

If you are interested and would like to know more, do send us an email with your wedding schedule to or filling up the Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

What are our payment terms?

70% of the assignment cost is to be paid at the time of booking. 25% of the assignment cost is a non-refundable deposit.  The remaining 30% of the total assignment charges must be paid once images in soft copy are delivered. We accept cash, check, wire/NEFT/IMPS transfers or Paypal.


How much should I set aside for my wedding photography?

It depends :)

We all hold on to memories because they are the only things that don’t change when everything else does. Your wedding photographs are those memories.

For all of us, our wedding day is an once-in-a-lifetime affair. And so are the moments of this occasion. Moments that will turn into memories.

Consider a few things before making a decision about how much to spend…

  • The wedding place will have to be vacated in a day.
  • The decorations will last for a day or two
  • Our wedding dress we will wear possibly once in a couple of years.
  • The guests, relative and friends will all go their own ways.

But the photographs of your wedding will stay with you for your lifetime. Relatives and friends who couldn’t attend will see and talk about your wedding through FB, Twitter, G+ any such social medium. Images on Picasa, Flickr etc can stay up on the web for generations.

So choose well and spend as much as you are comfortable with, but let the importance of your memories be a significant player in that decision.

Okay…now we know stuff…So what’s your style of working?

t’s simple … really! The first step is to confirm the booking, at which point we want to know more about you and your plans for the day – how you see it happening, general schedule etc.

The next step is to meet, face-to-face or video … whatever works. We try to see the wedding through your eyes, what are you looking forward to from the pictures, what you want from us and what can we give you. We want to know about the people and events important to you, detailed schedules etc.

We want to ensure that you as models (for the day) and we as cameramen are totally at ease with each other. Remember, your wedding day is a performance and you’re on stage with the spotlight. So you must be comfortable with the camera coz that’s when we’ll be able to deliver the super-hit images. And for that if we need to meet many more times, so be it.

So talk to us, laugh with us or at us, but be at ease and tell us what’s in your heart. We want to bring that out in pictures.

How about travelling (destination weddings) to my city?

We’re based in Pune, Maharashtra. But we shoot weddings all over India and that inevitably means travel. Our fees do not include travel and accommodation associated and dependent on the location. We will make the boarding, lodging and travel arrangements. We request you to reimburse the expenses at actuals on the day of the event. If we are unable to make arrangements, we will request your assistance.

What equipment do you use?

Allow us to ask you a rhetorical question in return. If you want to write a good story – do you need a Mont Blanc or a MacBook? …… Exactly!

And that’s how it works here as well. As Ansel Adams put it…”The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.

But if you persist, know that we are a Canon shop (and proud of it). We use Canon and lot of their lenses which help us cover every aspect of a wedding.

We come from the technology world. We have lived and understood reliability and failures in this era of digitization. Rest assured your wedding photographs are not at the mercy of average equipment.

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